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Movement Foundations: 4-Week Masterclass

About this Class

This 4-week masterclass will help you connect the dots between the science and the art of dance. Learn how build a strong foundation for healthy movement so you can DANCE LONGER, DANCE STRONGER. ​ Workshops are pre-recorded and posted each week, along with an exercise program to help you apply what you have learned. I know your time is limited, so these workouts will be short and take you no longer than 20 minutes, 3-4x/wk. While you are able to watch each workshop at your own pace, it is recommended to watch it early in the week so that you can have the rest of the week to practice the exercises! Week 1: Laying the Foundation - Dance movement assessment - Learning how to properly find/activate the core and turn out muscles Week 2: Barre Foundations - Breaking down 4 key foundational movements to improve your performance- the plie, releve, tendu & developpe Week 3: Jumps, Leaps & Turns - Time to apply what you have learned so far into your more challenging techniques Week 4: Upper Body and Spine - How to build upper body strength as a dancer - Learning to work in a more optimal posture - How to gain control over your back strength & flexibility *Program is NON-REFUNDABLE once purchase is made* *Online access will expire after 36 days, however there will be an option to download the full program for lifetime access.



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